About us

Who We Are?

From the Founders:

As a Physician Assistant, I can relate to how some shifts can be rough and at times borderline disaster. It's hard to overcome the emotional turmoil and challenges we face in our daily routines. If a simple change can bring the slightest bit of difference in your daily hustle, then why not give it a try. Why should we sacrifice comfort? Where in reality it's the only thing that helps and carries us through the day. It's time to ditch the baggy pants and ill-fitting unisex scrubs. 

Introducing, FAMS by The SqKnot. We offer premium, tailored fit, sophisticated scrubs for the everyday frontline healthcare provider. Our clothing brand was created to keep your needs and wants in mind. We guarantee to offer you flexibility and function to make your shift less stressful. You work hard, and these scrubs are meant to keep up. Our fabric is coated with antimicrobial ions which provides a bacteriostatic barrier; providing you with a dry, odor, and stain-free experience. 

We offer competitive pricing so treat yourself to a pair (or two) today and wear the comfort you TRULY deserve. Welcome to #FAMS.

- Farah & Altaf Lakhani

Our Philosophy

Offer premium work apparel at competitive pricing without sacrificing quality or service. We promise to make things right. We want to empower you to experience comfort. We are here for the community and our customers. 

What's F.A.M.S?

Keeping with our traditions, we named our first collection of essential scrubs for healthcare providers around the nation FAMS. You may be wondering why FAMS?  The letters are initials of my family. US: Farah & Altaf; Our son: Mahdi; and  Daughter: Sara. What else could be a better way to honor someone for their support than by inviting them to be a part of the family.